Projek Masjid Shizouka – Masyarakat Islam di Jepun

Persatuan Muslim Shizuoka @ Shizuoka Muslim Association sedang membuat kutipan derma untuk membina masjid di bandar Shizuoka, Jepun.

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Shizuoka Masjid Project Fund (SMPF)


                                           Shizuoka Masjid Project Fund

                              “For the future of Islam in Japan”

Assalaam aleikum dear brothers & sisters,

Shizuoka Muslim Association (SMA) was established in May 2010 by Muslims living in the surrounding area of City of Shizuoka, Japan. The main mission of SMA is to build a strongly bonded Muslim community and construct a Masjid that will help us fulfill our duty to ALLAH in his worship as well as the Dahwa to him. United under this goal, we launched a fundraising project called “Shizuoka Masjid Project Fund” targeting JPY 20,000,000 .

Shizuoka is a beautiful city with a great panoramic view of Mt. Fuji and miles of hills of green tea leaves. Being a capital city and a historical site of Shizuoka Prefecture, it attracts tourists and many students from overseas. There are approximately more than 150 Muslims in the City area including Japanese Muslims and their families. Muslim population is increasing year by year, especially young Japan-born Muslims are growing up quickly and the need to have our own Masjid is really an important and urgent matter to this community.

Mt. Fuji from Shizuoka City

Islam in Japan is gradually spreading and people of Japan are more curious and willing to study this beautiful religion. Now it is up to us Muslims to explain not only by words but most importantly by actions the beauty of Islam. This is a great opportunity for Muslims from all over the world to help bring the message of the Prophet Muhammed Peace be upon him to Japan. SMA believes that Masajids should not only be a place of worship for Muslims, but should play an important role in communication with non-Muslims. We hope that ALLAH will help us build a Masjid in Shizuoka that will make our Prophet PBUH proud of and a place that is respected, cared and loved by both Muslims and non-Muslims, InshaAllah.

We greatly appreciate your kind donation and Duah.

Islamic Center Japan Endorsment Letter

Send Donation to:  “Shizuoka Masjid Project”

                                                  JP Bank   Account: 12370 23879171

                                  From Non-JP Bank  Branch 238 Regular Account: 2387917


Remittance from Overseas to Japan:

We greatly appreciate donations from overseas as well. Please read the instruction carefully.

*Remittances in either USD or EUR can be made from overseas banks, via a designated intermediary bank. (JP bank account CANNOT receive remittances in Japanese Yen.)

Currency USD EUR
Intermediary Bank Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas NY Deutsche Bank AG Frankfurt
Intermediary Bank BIC(SWIFT Code) BKTRUS33 DEUTDEFF
Beneficiary Bank Japan Post Bank
Branch Head Office
Beneficiary Bank Address 3-2, Kasumigaseki 1-chome, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 100-8798, Japan
Beneficiary Bank BIC (SWIFT Code) JPPSJPJ1
Beneficiary Bank CHIPS UID 427593  —
Payee Account Number 12370-23879171
Payee Address #201, 5-26-31 Kita-Ando, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka 420-0881, JAPAN
Payee Telephone Number 054-207-9313

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